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Kaula Tantra Yoga

balance the feminine & masculine side in you.

"The more relaxed and sensual you are, the less change you force and the more deep change arises within you."

Your breath becomes calmer and deeper, your thoughts quieter, and your confidence palpable.

With each exhalation you melt into the asanas, into the energy of the posture.

You remember again to follow your intuitive body feeling, to be grateful and in love with yourself. 

You are reminded not to be guided by external standards - not in yoga and not in life.

With a regular Kaula Tantra yoga practice, you will integrate serenity and intuitive awareness into everyday life and gain a holistic view of yourself and your surroundings, so that you respond intelligently rather than out of stress.



Kaula Tantra Yoga a moving & deep meditation a traditional yoga series over 2000 years old balancing and teaches every cell of the body to relax self-love, as each unique body finds itself in the asanas by allowing it and not forcing it

...brings you holistic health & regeneration

Aktuelle Klasse

Freitag 17:00 - 18:30 Uhr

Osmos Studio - Okerstr. 38

nur mit Voranmeldung - Urban Sports M und L Mitglieder möglich

Kaula Tantra Yoga 10



10er Karte

Valid for 4 months

 “Tantra is knowledge. It’s not Hinduism, in the same way that the Theory of Relativity isn’t Jewish just because Einstein proposed it. No temple is necessary. You are enough of a temple in yourself. You are the laboratory. The entire experiment consists of you entering into yourself. The dogmas are not necessary. Courage and an adventurous spirit are necessary to participate in the experiment. It’s the most beautiful part”.

- Osho

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